Terms of Stay



Welcome to WEZAJ Recreation Centre - a truly unique place in the picturesque Notecka Forest. Please take a moment to read the Terms of Stay to make sure your visit remains in in compliance with our regulations:


1.  Check-in/check-out is from 14:00 on the day of arrival until 11:00 on the day of departure.


2. On arrival, Guests are required to present a copy of their booking card together with a valid identity document. Guest is required to settle the earnest money payment specified in the booking card while booking a stay. Guest is required to settle the payment for the entire stay during the check-in. In case the reservation is cancelled, earnest money shall not be refunded. However, in case of booking and purchasing another stay at the centre within a year (365 days) since making the earnest money payment, the payment for that entire stay will be lowered in the amount of the earnest that was previously paid. The Guest is still obliged to settle the earnest money payment specified in the booking card for the second stay.


3. By paying for the stay the Guest accepts the Terms of Stay.


4. A deposit of PLN 50 for each day of stay (but no less than PLN 200) is required at the check-in. The deposit must be provided in cash at the reception desk and will be returned on the last day of stay provided there was no serious loss or damage in the rented suite.


5.At check-in, the Guest receives a set of keys to the suite, which must be returned on the day of the departure at the reception desk or to an authorized employee. In case the keys get lost or damaged, the Guest will be charged PLN 50 (the cost of replacing the lock).


6.No refunds are given for early departure. 


7. During the night time (10:00 PM - 6:00 AM), all Guests are requested to keep the noise down.


8. Accommodating outside visitors for the night without the consent of the centre management is strictly prohibited.


9. There is a possibility to accommodate up to two additional Guests in every house for an extra price of PLN 30 per person / day. 


10. Children and teenagers under the age of 18 are permitted to stay at the centre only under adult supervision. Children playing in the centre should remain at all times under the supervision of adults. In case of an unfortunate incident involving a child left unattended, parents and legal guardians are the only responsible party.


11. The centre accepts pets for an additional fee of PLN 10 per day. Up to 2 pets are allowed per suite. The owners are required to clean up after their pets and be ready to provide valid vaccination records on request.

12. Guests agree to use the premises and equipment in the resort in accordance with Health and Safety and Fire regulations.


13. Smoking is not allowed on the premises of the resort.


14.  Lighting fires is permitted only in designated areas and only with prior consent of the resort employees.


15. In the autumn season it is possible to rent a mushroom drier to be used on the terrace. Using the dryer indoors is prohibited. The price for renting the drier depends on the electricity meter reading.


16.  It is forbidden to organise parties without the prior consent and knowledge of the resort management. Littering and disorderly conduct are prohibited.


17. The management reserves the right to immediately check out guests who abuse alcohol, behave aggressively or are under the influence of drugs. 


18. Guests are kindly requested to keep their suites and the resort clean.


19. All Guests are obliged to inform the staff or the management of the centre about any damage or loss. The management reserves the right to charge the Guest a fine equivalent to the estimated damage.


20.  Resort management does not assume any liability or responsibility for any loss of personal belongings or property of Guests.


21.Car parking is available only on designated spaces. Parking lot at the resort is free of charge and unattended. 


22. Wi-Fi Internet access is available in the centre and is free of charge.


23. The management does not assume any liability for Guests during their stay outside of the resort.


24. Breaking tent is not allowed on the premises of the resort.


25. Guests who violate the above terms may be required to immediately leave the resort without refund.


26. This agreement and all terms and conditions contained herein shall become effective as of 31.08.2012.


Enjoy your stay!

Due to different operating hours of river ferry which connects Zatom Nowy and Zatom Stary we recommend to take a 198 road via Sieraków or Międzychód.


Welcome to the Family Christmas by the fireplace in the magical scenery of the Forest Notecka!
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Welcome to the Family Christmas by the fireplace in the magical scenery of the Forest Notecka!
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